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The BCI Wareforce® CG / CG-115 is the 115-volt version of our Delta 1200. It cleans 1200 glasses per hour on a carousel conveyor that prevents glassware chipping. It features a 12″ clearance that accommodates taller glasses and stemware, plus stainless steel construction of wash arms, rinse arms and manifold.

  • Rotary-type glasswasher
  • Low temp/chemical sanitizing
  • Electric tank heat
  • 12″ clearance accommodates taller glassware
  • Built-in chemical pumps and priming switches

This must-have glasswasher includes built-in chemical pumps, onboard chemical storage, and a stainless steel scrap screen.


  • 12″ clearance allows cleaning of taller stemware, glasses, and mugs
  • Cleans 1200 glasses per hour
  • Composite carousel conveyor prevents chipping and damage to glassware
  • Rotary-type glasswasher
  • Adjustable rinse control allows hot- or cold-water final rinses for flexible sanitizing methods
  • Low water protectors for pump and wash heating element
  • Single-switch, auto-fill operation
  • All stainless steel construction wash arms, rinse arms and manifold
  • Scrap screen is easy to access and remove
  • Front access simplifies use of all controls and chemical settings
  • Quick-removal side panel allows tool-free access to vacuum breakers for ease of service
  • Convenient, expanded chemical storage
  • Built-in precision chemical pumps and priming switches
  • Quiet operation and reduced heat loss, using double-wall cabinet
  • Gravity Drain
  • Adjustable bullet feet
  • Wash/rinse temperature gauges
  • Efficient 1/10 HP wash pump motor
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction