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CMA Model L-1X


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The L-1X Undercounter Glasswasher washes and sanitizes up to 30 racks of dishes or 120 covers per hour. In fact, the unit produces sparkling results every time! Features include 12-1/8” max clearance for dishes, enclosed cabinet, 4” legs, and pumped drain,  Also, the L-1X has an instant start, primer switches and a built-in chemical delivery system. Furthermore, the glasswasher is fabricated entirely of stainless steel, including the pump impeller and upper & lower wash arms. Because of this, you can enjoy extended service and long life. Additionally, the Model L-1X has a purging system that eradicates chemical & soil carryover during rinse cycles, thereby improving results.


  • Speed = 30 racks of dishes and 120 covers an hour.
  • Distinctive, stainless steel lower & upper wash arm system. Also, arms are protected by end caps.
  • Made entirely of rugged stainless steel. Therefore, years of trouble-free and effortless use are assured.
  • Economical operation – only uses 1.7 gallons of water per cycle.
  • Stainless steel pump impeller gives extended service and long life.
  • Water inlet system’s built-in strainer prevents clogs in the water valve.
  • Features instant start & primer switches built into the unit.
  • 4″ Legs.
  • 23-1/2″ X 24″ X 30″-31″ (Depth X Width X Height).
  • Incoming water temperature is sustained & maintained by the unit’s built-in Sustainer Heater.
  • All electrical components are adhered to the sliding drawer, offering easy access & convenience during service times.
  • Pumped drain allows for flexible installations. Also, the unit requires no floor drain.
  • Rinse cycle features a powerful purging system. As a result, the unit eliminates all soil and chemical residuals.
  • Chemical pumps & deliming system assures excellent chemical usage, no buildup of scale.
  • Meets NSF, and CUL & UL sanitation and construction standards w/o use of booster or tank heaters.


  • “TEMP-SURE” needs a separate 240-Volt 3 phase; 40-Ampere power supply.
  • Alternative electrical system is readily available for exporting.
  • Sani Alarm
  • Drain Board.
  • 6″ Legs.

CMA Model L-1X

  • Contains Alarm for low chemicals.
  • 48″ Undercounter dish table comes with Pre-Rinse.
  • Pedestal is universal.