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The Model B Energy Saver Low-Temperature, Chemical Sanitizing, Double Rack Dishwasher has a straight-through design and fast, efficient, and easy to use features that produce sparkling results every time! Moreover, this commercial washer also powers through and efficiently produces 80 racks of dishes or 320 covers per hour, using only .97 gallons of water a cycle. Additionally, the Model B has no built-in heaters, therefore it produces no steam. Furthermore, it has a large 20.5” dish door clearance.  As a result, each unit auto cleans and sanitizes utensils in spacious 19-3/4″ X 19-3/4″ racks. Another key point is that MODEL B is constructed entirely of rugged stainless steel. This powerful dishwasher boasts upper and lower wash arms, a pump purging system, Poly Pro scrap accumulator and deliming switch.


  • Speed = 80 racks of dishes or 320 covers an hour.
  • Economical operation – only uses .97 gallons of water per cycle.
  • Large 20.5” door clearance for dishes.
  • Model B outside dimensions: 25-1/4″ X 44-1/4″ X 59-1/2″-60-1/2.”
  • Made entirely of rugged stainless steel. Because of this, years of problem-free and effortless use are assured.
  • Distinctive, stainless steel lower & upper wash arm system. Also has ends protected by caps.
  • Chemical pumps and deliming system removes scale & assures excellent chemical usage.
  • Safe and easy to use auto stop/start function.
  • Food debris stays out of the drain system with the help of the built-in Poly Pro scrap accumulator.
  • Rinse cycle features a powerful purging system. Due to this, all soil and chemical residuals are eliminated.
  • Built-in strainer with water inlet stops food debris from clogging up the water valve.
  • Unit’s stainless steel impeller and stainless steel scrap tray offer long life, extended service.
  • Two dish racks come with the unit.
  • Meets UL, and ETL sanitation and construction standards WITHOUT the use of booster or tank heaters.


  • “TEMP-SURE” heater assures the uninterrupted supply of 140°F hot water, guaranteeing excellent results; needs a separate 208-240v 3 phase; 40 amp power supply.
  • Dual bowl dispenser (Solid/Powder).
  • Alternative cycle times and alternative voltages.
  • Table made of stainless steel material.
  • 21″X42″ slant shelf.
  • Stainless Steel Scrap Trap instead of Poly Pro.

CMA Model B

  • Contains audible alarm and warning for low chemicals. Also, the light feature gives a warning when sanitizer is almost empty.
  • One-of-a-kind pull pin design allows for easy removal of wash arms for cleaning.