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ADS 5AG-ES: High Capacity “Green” Machine

Energy Star Rated at Less Than 1 Gallon Per Rack

Double Duty Model. Features 20 1/2” door opening, air-gap fill, dual screening. Washes 74 racks per hour with two powerful 1 HP Pumps.

Wash Sheet Pans Horizontally with the optional Pan Rack.

Same Great Quality. Same Great Results Just Less Water, Energy & Chemicals

  • Cleans 74 racks per hour
  • Water consumption of LESS than 1 gallon per rack
  • Great door clearance at 20 1/2”
  • Top mount controls with auto start
  • Stainless steel air gap
  • Quick release spray arms
  • Two high capacity 1 HP pumps
  • Door safety switch – external prime switches
  • Delime switch located in the control panel