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Save more with the BCI Wareforce® 44 Conveyer’s Energy Recovery System, repurposing capturing exhaust heat to warm incoming cold water as it enters the booster heater. The “free” heat passed through the heat exchanger elevates ground temperature water to 110°Fr, which reduces overall energy consumption; saving thousands of dollars in water consumption. At well under one gallon of water used per rack, and the ability to deliver 255 racks per hour, the BCI Wareforce® 44 is an excellent choice for a high-performance Dishmachine, with an adjustable conveyor speed that can extend wash time and rinse for heavy soil conditions.

  • Energy Recovery System
  • Self-cleaning wash arms
  • Exclusive EnergyGuard™ controls
  • Adjustable Rinse – Econo or Turbo
  • Exclusive Rainbow Rinse™ Arm
  • Self-draining stainless steel wash pump

An innovative solution for cost-saving through energy reduction, without sacrificing optimal results.

  • High-temp model uses 0.68 gallons per rack, while the chemical-sanitizing model uses 0.78
  • High-temp cleans 225 racks per hour; chemical-sanitizing cleans 209 racks per hour
  • Chamber height is a standard 25″, accommodating larger wares
  • 8″ splash shields on wash and rinse ends
  • Wash section is 18″ with an 18″ section between wash and rinse
  • Durable stainless steel construction

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