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Jackson LoH2O® Flight-Type


California Only

Sales & Leasing Requires BCI Chemical Service Program

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Jackson LoH2O® Flight-Type OVERVIEW

Go beyond basic with the Jackson LoH2O® Flight-Type, using just 58 gallons of water per rack to clean up to 11,094 dishes per hour! It’s heavy gauge stainless steel construction and low water consumption make it the definition of heavy-duty, yet it demonstrates flexibility and accessibility in its construction and superior design.

  • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Extremely Low Water Consumption – Only 58 Gallons/Hr
  • Belt width of 29″ and 25″ maximum clearance throughout the machine
  • Insulated doors for easy access cleaning and servicing
  • Heated power rinse uses fresh water a second time for pristine results
  • 3″ minimum wall clearance

A uniquely effective and economic heavy-duty warewasher.

Jackson LoH2O® Flight-Type FEATURES

  • Rainbow Rinse™ features arched, removable upper rinse arm to reduce water usage while providing superior rinse action.
  • Tank automatically fills and is maintained by a dual water level float that automatically adds water when required
  • Easy to remove, clean and replace arms
  • Pre-wash includes large removable scrap screen and a deep-well removable scrap basket
  • Operates at two speeds with an available operator-activated start-stop switch

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