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17 Aug. 2018 | Practices for Businesses Undergoing Hospitality Industry Inspections
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Practices for Businesses Undergoing Hospitality Industry Inspections

Maintaining facilities in the food and hospitality business requires undergoing inspections by respective food and health safety organizations. These inspections have two purposes: to make sure companies adhere to the highly regulated standards of the industry and to assure customers that the food is clean and safe to consume.

The Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service follows a set of sanitation standard operating procedures, which is the list of standards businesses follow to avoid any inconveniences during the inspection. Companies can pass these inspections when they regularly practice the following in their kitchen.

Equipment Cleaning and Repair

Over time, unwanted contaminants may build up on the equipment or cause it to deteriorate. If you have not cleaned facilities such as your kitchen’s sink, dishwasher, microwave, and others, address this immediately.

Seek out a professional to avoid contamination or further damage. Unlike other equipment manufacturers, our commercial dishwasher repair service comes free of charge. We maintain our equipment and make sure they are running smoothly. We clean equipment for your business’ health and safety.


According to the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Food and Drug Administration requires several food safety standards that prevent contamination in the kitchen. These mostly deal with how one handles food, especially raw meats that could be teeming with bacteria. Wrong practices, such as washing meat with water and leaving the meat to thaw in the open, as well as common practices, like storing food in the refrigerator and using knives and chopping boards, risk spreading bacteria in the kitchen.

Regular cleaning of the kitchen helps prevent serious contamination, but a more thorough disinfectant cleaning must be done regularly, as well.

Be careful when disinfecting the kitchen, though. Certain brands may claim to remove bacteria and other unwanted germs in the area, but if these contaminate the food or kitchen equipment, they could harm the customers and those exposed to them.

Maintain Your Employees

Your employees’ daily health and safety practices are part of the inspection. On the day of the inspection, remind your employees to comply with the standards and best practices, but this should already be something they are continually doing.

Employees should be wearing the right uniforms, which include keeping their hair from contaminating the food service area. You can also hold regular training to make sure they remember the proper health and safety habits. Posting warning signs around the work area will help reinforce these rules, as well.

By performing these tasks regularly, your business can adhere to food safety standards and avoid the penalties of unsanitary or inappropriate business practices. You are also providing a safe workplace that will assure your customers of health and safety.

At BC Industrial Services, LLC, cleanliness matters. We recognize that cleanliness can significantly increase customer satisfaction and improve brand perception. Our residential and commercial clients can have safer, greener cleaning solutions with our services.

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