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BC Industrial Services LLC – YOUR HYGIENE PARTNER.

Better serve your guests with a trusted Hygiene Partner in Cleaning Solutions, Performance and Results. Cleanliness Matters, at BCI we embrace the fact that a high degree of cleanliness contributes significantly to overall customers Guest Satisfaction, Brand Perception, and Loyalty.

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“Cleaning Through Chemistry”

It is our pleasure to serve the Hospitality and Healthcare marketplace by providing cost-effective product solutions and services to help safely clean, sanitize and maintain a healthy environment result.

When cleaning processes are broken down into their most basic parts, the chemistry happening at a molecular level is what powers out soils, cleans and sanitizes. BC Industrial’s chemical concentrates are proportioned by way of dilution control systems equipment maintained by BCI trained experts and are designed to deliver One-Pass-Cleaning Performance. Your organization will benefit from BCI’s comprehensive custom program chemical solutions supported by expert BCI trained service technicians.

“Cleaning Through Chemistry” isn’t just BCI’s motto; it’s actually what we do.