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13 Oct. 2017 | New Study: Towels Play Critical Role for Hotel Guests

New Study: Towels Play Critical Role for Hotel Guests

New Study Published by American Laundry News: Towels Play Critical Role for Hotel Guests

Cleanliness & Quality Affect Satisfaction, Brand Loyalty

The quality of towels is paramount in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry that has to operate within growing environmentally conscious parameters. That is the overall finding of a study conducted by Xeros, which highlights how towels impact the overall quality of the hotel guest experience.

The results of this study illustrate that travelers care quite a bit about the towels they use during hotel visits. Cleanliness followed by Softness is top criteria for judging the quality of a towel. The quality of the towels impact guest satisfaction, brand perception, as well as customer loyalty.

Towel Quality Essential to Guest Satisfaction

The study revealed that 94% of all respondents believe that the quality of towels is important for overall customer satisfaction. Also, the survey found that 73% of respondents believe that the quality of towels will influence their decision to return to a hotel brand for future visits, while 84% believe the towel quality influences brand perception.

Importance of Towel Cleanliness

When asked about towel attributes, cleanliness was identified as the as the most important attribute, followed by the softness of the towels. Surprisingly, high thread counts, the attribute that is generally associated with expensive luxury towels, came in last.

“Saavy hoteliers should consider rethinking the role of towels in their overall brand story. Towels are a relatively unexplored branding touch point in the customer journey and has the potential to be an emotional tipping point, turning a visitor into a loyal customer,” says Jonathon Benjamin, global president laundry Xeros.

To read further into this study visit American Laundry News July 2016 addition, page 2.

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