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Save Water Now with Water Smart® Technology

“Using Less, Returning Clean” Commercial Laundry & Warewashing

BCI’s Water Smart Technologies Will Deliver Guaranteed Water Savings.“We must envision it first for it to come to fruition.” In today’s industrial environment, with the very current drought California is facing, water consumption is on everyone’s mind. BCI has taken this to heart and applied it to long term water conservation within our product line and services. When you see the logo “Water Smart”, know that the product it applies to is a water/energy conserving product. In cleaning applications such as Warewashing and Laundry this could mean thousands of gallons of hot soft water saved per day.

Using Less – Returning Clean

  • Free Rinsing Chemicals
  • Shorter Wash Cycles
  • Increased Production
  • Waterless Direct Injection
  • Precision Chemistry
  • Regularly Scheduled QA

End Uses of Water in Hotels

  • 16% Kitchen/Dishwashing
  • 14% Landscaping
  • 12% Cooling & Heating
  • 30% Domestic/Restroom
  • 1% Pools
  • 16% Laundry
  • 12% Other

End Uses of Water in Restaurants

  • 52% Kitchen/Dishwashing
  • 4% Landscaping
  • 1% Cooling & Heating
  • 31% Domestic/Restroom
  • 12% Other

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