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Super Q Glasswasher

The Convenience of a Carousel with the Cleaning Power of a Dishmachine.


The ADS Super Q Glasswasher (model ASQ) is revolutionary in both concept and design. It offers the cleaning action of a dishmachine in a carousel system. The carousel is divided into three positions by stainless steel panels. These panels isolate each compartment, controlling the water and washing action of the rotating spray.

With the push of the lever, the carousel easily rotates and locks into the next position. While the glasswasher does the cleaning, the bartender can unload spot-free glasses and load the glassware to be washed, efficiently cleaning full loads.

ADS Super Q Features

  • Full load washing – saves power, water, and chemicals
  • Fast – only 75 seconds per cycle
  • Rotating spray arm – provides outstanding results
  • Divided carousel, creates a washing chamber that cleans with a recirculating, high-volume water spray
  • Load, unload & wash simultaneously 120° final rinse – allows rinse-aids to work providing spot free glassware
  • Manual turn – eliminates washing one glass at a time
  • Sustainer heater – maintains tank temperature
  • Built-In chemical storage (one gallon containers)
  • Quiet operation