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HIGH or LOW temp the choice is yours.

The ADS ADC-44 is a High Capacity ENERGY SAVING, self-purging stage conveyor.

  • 244 Racks per Hour
  • Operates ONLY when Racks are Inserted
  • Unrivaled cleaning ability
  • Dual rinsing system
  • User Friendly conveyor
  • Uses as little as 0.49 gallons per load

Water Curtain Rinseability

  • Activates prior to nal rinse
  • Initiates the rinsing process and acts as a shield
  • ips open, snaps shut
  • Quick fast clearing of spray arms
  • Shortens the cleaning process & eliminates down time

Drain Pump Filter

  • 2 stage PUMP STRAINER
  • Eliminates wash pump obstructions and clogged jets
  • Functions as drains stopper

Captive End Caps

Dual – Fail Safe Heater Control

  • Precise water control mechanism
  • Only allows heaters to operate when tank is full
  • Unaffected by heavy soil, water action, strong chemicals and lime build up

Fail – Safe Conveyor System

  • Slip clutch design – stops rack movement
  • Once removed operation easily resumes
  • Eliminates damaged racks

ADS ADC-44 Quality & Reliability. As tempting as it may be, a Conveyor cannot be built just to perform. It must be built to survive.

ADS ADC-44 – Ready to Run

All these features are Standard on the ADS ADC-44. While other manufacturers may offer these same features as Add-Ons, our machines are COMPLETE & READY TO RUN.

  • Auto Fill
  • No Operator Controls
  • Energy Saving Stage Washer
  • Low Water Consumption
  • No Circuit Boards
  • Quiet Operation
  • Rack Saving Conveyor Drive
  • 244 Racks per Hour
  • 360 Sq. in. of Washing Action
  • Auto Cut-Off
  • High Capacity Heaters
  • Self-Purging
  • Wide Opening Access Doors
  • 11 Gallon Wash Tank with Safety Interlock
  • 3 HP Wash Pump
  • Skirted Motor Compartment
  • Dual Rinsing System
  • Heavy Stainless Steel Const.